What to Expect

Welcome! If this is your first time visiting Millennium Chiropractic, may we extend a warm and personal welcome to you!

Below is some information about what to expect in your visits to Millennium Chiropractic. If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. We would love to speak with you!

First Visit

On your first visit to our centre, Dr. Gary conducts an initial exam and performs the first adjustment. During the initial exam, Dr. Gary reviews your health history, conducts range of motion tests and computerized spinal scans (i.e. surface electromyography) to measure the activity of your Central Nervous System and record the results. We may refer you to obtain radiographs (x-rays, special imaging) depending on your specific situation.

During your initial exam, we are happy to address any questions you may have. We will work with you to develop a Custom Care Plan with you based on your specific needs and goals. Nothing is done without your consent and full understanding.

Second Visit

On your second visit, Dr. Gary will personally present you a report of findings based on the initial consultation, examination results, X-rays (if applicable), and surface electromyography scans (SEMG) from your first visit.

Together, you and Dr. Gary will discuss your health findings. Dr. Gary will offer his professional recommendations on how best to proceed in helping you reach your greatest potential. We want you to be able to make informed decisions regarding your own health. During the course of your care, you will be presented with choices that affect your ability to reach your individual health objectives.

Subsequent Visits

How often do you need to see Dr. Gary? Our initial goal is to restore you to health if you are experiencing discomfort or have an injury.

Once your initial condition is resolved, we work with you to develop a Custom Care Plan that works for your health needs and goals.

Some people prefer to have a routine tune-up to deal with the daily stresses of life. Others will want treatment only when they experience pain.

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  Meet Dr. Gary

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For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQs. If you have a question that we haven’t answered, please let us know by filling out our FAQ Form.

  Paperwork / Forms

We have minimized paperwork in our office. However, there are clinical forms that must be filled out accurately for your health, legal and professional reasons. We ask that you read a form through before completing it so you understand its intent. If you have questions, please let us know.

We look forward to meeting you!

Live Life. Live Long. Live Chiropractic.

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