Regular Adjustments


Initial Consultation and Exam

During an initial exam, Dr. Gary thoroughly reviews your health history, conducts range of motion and computerized spinal scans, addresses any questions you have, develops a Custom Care Plan with you based on your needs and goals, and administers the first adjustment. Read What to Expect for more information.


Report of Findings (Second Visit)

On your second visit, Dr. Gary will personally present you a report of findings based on the initial consultation, examination results, X-rays (if applicable), and surface electromyography scans (SEMG) from your first visit.

Together, you and Dr. Gary will discuss your health findings. Dr. Gary will offer his professional recommendations on how best to proceed in helping you reach your greatest potential. We want you to be able to make informed decisions regarding your own health. During the course of your care, you will be presented with choices that affect your ability to reach your individual health objectives.


Students, Seniors, Child (under 18)

Initial Consultation and Exam

Report of Findings (Second Visit)

Regular Adjustments




Are Referrals Needed?

Chiropractors are primary health care providers in all Canadian provinces, meaning that no medical doctor referral is required to access chiropractic care.

Accepting New Patients

We are here to help you make your best health happen.

Do you want to book in as a new patient?  Give us a call at 403-517-2000.

Why Chiropractic? Because life should be Extraordinary.

Use Your Benefits

We encourage our patients to take charge of their own health.  It’s there to last a lifetime!

Chiropractic treatments are covered under most benefit plans.  Check with your provider today.

In Alberta, Blue Cross covers Chiropractic care for all seniors 65 years and older.

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